About Use of Adways' Logo

Please read Logo Guideline and Manual when using Adways' logo.


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  • ADWAYS ロゴ

  • ADWAYS ロゴ


Logo Guideline

Article 1: Attribution of Rights

Any rights related to ADWAYS’ company logo and its service logo (hereinafter referred to as “Adways’ logo”) shall belong to Adways Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Adways”).

Article 2: Application and Permission

  1. You are not allowed to use Adways’ logo without Adways’ permission.
  2. You need to fill out the application form on the website and submit it in the way specified by Adways to obtain Adways’ permission.
  3. Adways may refuse to give permission if an application form is not filled out appropriately or if Adways decides not to accept the submission. Adways shall not be obligated to disclose or explain the reason of its decision.
  4. After obtaining permission, you are allowed to use Adways’ logo only within a scope of the purpose that was authorized by Adways.

Article 3: Rules

  1. For those who submitted an application and obtained permission (hereinafter referred to as “Applicants”) shall be obligated to comply with the logo guideline and other instructions related to the logo(hereinafter referred to as guideline or this guideline ).
  2. Applicants shall pay careful attention not to detract Adways’ integrity and image.

Article 4: Prohibited Usages

  1. Adways logo must be handled with great care. It must not be used inappropriately as follows.
    1. Do not change, add and modify the logo.
    2. Do not put the logo too close to other content that it is impossible to distinguish.
    3. Do not put the logo as eye-catching element in website, printed material and other content.
    4. Do not use the logo as product name, service name, trademark, logo and name of other company.
    5. Do not use the logo in the manner of displaying it as it is approved, supported and recommended or partnered by Adways (except the case Adways gives permission in advance).
    6. Do not use the logo on website, print and other content that is against the law, regulation, ministerial order, ordinance, rule and administrative guidance.
    7. Do not use the logo on website, print and other content that includes inappropriate contents such as discriminatory remark, porno and gambling.
    8. Do not use the logo on website, print and other content that may defame Adways. Also do not use the logo to be associated with these contents.

Article 5- Responsibility of Applicants

  1. Applicants are objected to compensate the company immediately if the company suffers any damages (including legal fee) due to a violation of this guideline.
  2. Adways reserve the right to take measures necessary if Applicants use Adways’ logo in violation of this guideline.
  3. Adways reserve the right to terminate or change the permission of the use of Adways’ logo given to Applicants by its discretion.

Article 6: Non-Guarantee and Immunity

  1. Adways may not guarantee expressly or implicitly that Adways’ logo is free from defect of law or fact. Defect includes safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, effectively, compatibility to a specific purpose and rights violation. Adways may not assume obligation for excluding the defect when providing Adways' logo.
  2. Adways may not assume any responsibility for damage to Applicants that may occur by the use of Adways’ logo.

Article 7: Change of Logo Guideline

This guideline is subject to change anytime without notice if Adways decides to require it. The change shall become effective at the point of when it is posted on Adways website. Adways considers Applicants have agreed with the change of the guideline if they continue to use Adways’ logo.

Article 8: Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. All legal matters related to this guideline shall be governed by the laws of Japan and shall be interpreted in accordance with these laws.
  2. Disputes between Applicants and Adways due to Adways’ logo shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court, according to the jurisdictional amount, as the court of first instance.

Article 9: Inquiry

Contact Adways for any questions or if you wish to use Adways’ logo in a different manners that are not permitted by this guideline.
Contact Address:press@adways.net
Please download the application form for the logo usage here.