In order to satisfy all our stakeholders, we, at Adways Group, are striving to become a company that can serve the community for a long time while fulfilling our social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen based on a law-abiding spirit. To this end, we have established and put into practice the following “Charter of Corporate Behavior”.

  1. In order to gain customer satisfaction and trust, we will constantly seek to develop and provide useful and reliable products and services which meet the needs of our customers with due consideration for the protection of privacy and customer information.
  2. We will always comply with all laws and regulations regarding business trade, and implement fair and transparent transactions through countermeasure of us and our business partner for the brand damage and for Ad fraud. We will also strive to maintain sound relations with policymakers and administrative bodies based on a law-abiding spirit.
  3. We will promote a pleasant and vibrant workplace where everyone can work comfortably and feel “rewarded” and fulfilled, by respecting each employee’s personality and individuality while developing a safe and healthy work environment.
  4. We will constantly aim for transparent corporate activities by disclosing corporate information to our stakeholders including shareholders, customers, and business partners at the right time in an appropriate manner in order to gain the community’s understanding.
  5. We will always fully recognize the importance of harmonious coexistence with our society and engage in social contribution initiatives as a “good corporate citizen”.
  6. In our international business activities, we will ensure that our operations are carried out in compliance with international rules and local regulations, respect the local culture and customs, and contribute to their development.
  7. We fully recognize that efforts to solve environmental problems and achieve an eco-friendly society will increasingly become an issue for all, and will make our domestic and international activities based on the understanding that such efforts are indispensable.
  8. We will stand firmly against antisocial forces and groups.

Top management should understand their responsibility to implement the spirit of this Charter and ensure that the company and its subsidiaries are made thoroughly aware of the Charter by taking the initiative and setting a good example for them.
Top management will also endeavor to remain open to voices from in and outside the company, develop an effective company structure for compliance with the Charter, and ensure thorough adherence to corporate ethics.
In the event of any violation of this Charter, top management will show their determination to resolve the issue, probe the causes, prevent recurrence, and make an appropriate public report promptly to ensure accountability. Upon determining the authority and responsibility of those involved, top management will also take strict disciplinary measures against those liable, including against themselves where necessary.