At Adways, we are committed to making as many people as
possible say, "OMG, This is amazing" and helping all people
experience the joy of growth. Through the work we do, we
aim to create true value as we fulfill our purpose.


Why we are here

全世界に「なにこれ すげー こんなのはじめて」を届け、すべての人の可能性をひろげる「人儲け」を実現する。


なにこれ すげー こんなのはじめて

Innovation has the power to amaze. To provide eye-opening value that can transform people’s core beliefs.

At Adways, we’re committed to providing a stream of services and solutions that make people say, "OMG, this is amazing!" This commitment defines us. We believe that putting our minds to drawing OMGs from people makes life and work more fulfilling, no matter the position, job type, or task.

To bring people joy and surprise them with innovations that spark an "OMG, this is amazing!" response, we aim to create little OMGs every day that amplify into something truly incredible.


How do you keep a company going? Increasing profit is important, but for us at Adways, the key is our "No People, No Gain" philosophy. Rather than ask employees to work on unfulfilling tasks that serve only to improve the company’s bottom line, we want to engage them in work that inspires an uncontainable desire to take on challenges. Work that helps them grow every single day. We aim to be a company doing meaningful things that people can be proud to share with their loved ones.

Making this happen isn’t easy, but we believe in the potential of all people. When faced with a daunting task anyone else might abandon, we take the lead and never give up . By lighting an inspirational fire in people that spreads like rippling waves, we hope to help shape a society where everyone can experience the joy of growth.

"No People, No Gain" means broadening possibilities and providing growth opportunities to all. People are more important than money, and it is our passion for this truth that gives us purpose.


What is important to us

Believe in yourself

Should we be satisfied just doing what is asked of us? When we look into the true nature of things and ask ourselves what needs to be done, new value is born. But we tend to fall into routines and look away from things that seem impossible.

But think about it.

Most of those who have changed the world were called crazy and told their efforts were pointless. Even so, they kept pursuing their ideals and created unprecedented value. So believe in yourself and never stop working to understand the heart of all things. Even if no one agrees with you now, remember that what we cannot understand today may well become common knowledge tomorrow.

Act boldly

We tend to wash our hands of the future and assume someone else will solve our problems, saying "What’s the point of sharing my opinion?" or "I’m sure someone else will do it."

But think about it.

What if you’re the only person who sees the problem? When no one around you is doing anything, and you’re not sure if you should do something, it can be tough to take that first step. But that’s exactly the time to overcome your anxiety and act. If you do, others who share your ideas will find you, and together, you’ll create more energy to address the issue. Once you take that first step, the next is sure to follow.

Be brave and move forward. Boldly take that step. Even if you stumble, you can get up and walk on.

Embrace diversity

Even people who work together every day clash occasionally. One person might push their ideas onto someone else or focus on a colleague’s weaknesses, rejecting them in the process.

But think about it.

If everyone had the same ideas and abilities, there would be no point in working together. Just as there are many routes to a goal, different people have different ideas. Each of us has unique strengths and weaknesses.

Instead of giving up on understanding each other, let’s embrace our differences and try to look at things from new perspectives. Because when we overcome the uncertainty of accepting differences and allow values to intersect, we can offer great value to the world.