CPI based mobile ad platform that provides powerful user acquisition and monetization to app developers. Currently available in Japan, China, Taiwan and SEA.


User acquisition analytics tool for mobile apps. PartyTrack helps developers discover where their most valuable players are coming from.


Twitter ad management platform. 4T sets bulk targeting and optimize a massive amount of creatives by using batch processing and automation rule features.


Native ad platform for smart phones. Oct-pass supports content marketing and ad monetization.


Web affiliate service for feature phones and smart phones. Smart-C offers a performance-based pricing model.


Web affiliate service for PC and smart phones. JANet offers a performance-based pricing model.


Lindle is an analytic tool with automatic deeplink generator. Deeplinks from Lindle connect advertisers with the ways to the specified page in application from the web. Lindle creates strong engagement among advertisers and clients.

Lindle Push

Lindle Push is an analytic tool with push delivery function to optimize applications and maximize profits. Lindle Push allows effective push information delivery throughindentifying KPI and user segmenting, depending on each operational stage.


Affiliatte ad service for PC and smart phones in China. CHANet offers a performance-based pricing model.


Keyword ad service for Chinese web serach engines such as Baidu, 360 and QQ. Keynet creates keywords and ad copy based on local trends in China.

Blue Bee Box

China's first-ever DSP trading desk tool. Blue Bee Box supports the use of various DSPs and enables advertisers to plan, serve and analyze ads effectively.

Blue Bee Native

China's CPM based native ad network. Blue Bee Native provides effective branding, user acquisition and sales promotion.

Blue Bee Video

CPM or CPCV based mobile video advertising service. Blue Bee Video provides precisely targeted and appropriately placed video advertisements to various types of media.


Ad analytics tool for PC, feature phone and smart phone websites. adna analyzes adnetwork, affiliate ads, listing ads and pure ads.


Reward ad service for PC and mobile. Campaign ads shown on Rewardplus are delivered from JANet and Smart-C.


CPI based in-app display adnetwork for smart phones. Seads is integrated with Zalo, the largest top free messaging app in Vietnam used by 30+ million users.


MEGAMOUTH is a performance-based non-incentive network platform. It is the best solution for the best performance in mobile marketing through optimization by each publisher's data.

Adways App Agency

Adways App Agency(AAA) is Asia’s #1 agency specializing in mobile app user acquisition. AAA supports app store localization, user acquisition and campaign optimization.


Nint for Ecommerce

Data analytics tool for Japanese Ecommerce market. Nint for Ecommerce analyzes transaction data such as best-selling items, price, and search words.

Nint for Research

Data analytics tool for Japanese Ecommerce market. Nint for Research analyzes purchase data through Japanese major Ecommerce websites including purchase date, store name, goods name and goods price.

Nint for China

Data analytics tool for Chinese Ecommerce market. Nint for China analyzes transaction data such as sales per genre, brand share, best-selling items, and price.


Yoyaku Top10

Pre-registration platform for smart phone apps. It is a great solution reaching out to game enthusiasts before game launch.



International shipping agent service for overseas Ecommerce users. Adways global network provides 365 day customer support in Japanese, English and Chinese languages.